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Software Revision List

  • Added links to Website version info and Support.
  • Added 3 Quick buttons to Detail screen so up to 3 items that have dept 1012 and Quick 1,2,3 set can be selected fast.
  • Set the Quick value to 101 for dept 1001, 102 for dept 1002, etc. These only show when the department is selected.
  • Updated spacing on tags for SRP275iii printers.
  • Added FirstName search - 05/18/22

  • Hide Invitaion code entry unless link clicked to show it.

  • Easy Ticket button was showing even if disabled in config. Fixed.
  • Customer search not working if "Search" button clicked. Fixed.
  • Added "3rd Party Billing Statement" for police, fire, hotel employees who have the office pay their charges.
  • You can now send text messages to the customer from their HISTORY screen. (requires TheTexting setup).

  • Added X for quick exit at invitation screen.
  • Added Hotel Statement Summary report to Routes reports. Shows room detail and amounts.

30 Sept 21
  • Added new Daily Sales report to Summary/Status Reports
  • If points = 0 don't show Rewards group box.
  • Config now saves a dated copy of Application.Config file to idryclean run folder
  • Doing an overwrite install of iDryclean will not overwrite the config file.
  • Fixed text messages not processing newlines and stopped after "Order#" because # is a special character.
  • Changed Invitation Code screen to make it clearer.

4 Nov 20
  • AFixed Employee error saying "Sorry, You can not upgrade yourself to a higher level.".
  • Fixed Refunds only working for CreditCard paytypes.
  • Fixed Emp Notes cannot be null error.

1 Sep 20
  • Fixed Employee error saying "Sorry, You can not upgrade yourself to a higher level.".
  • Refunds only working for CreditCard paytypes was fixed.
  • Fixed Emp Notes cannot be null error.
  • There was an error in Pricing Table Copy. Bad fields like TextFile not DBNull where causing entire copy to fail. Fixed

6 1ul 20
  • Added button to right of Cash, Check, CC etc for quick entry of balance amount due.
  • Added "Paid by Creditcard Surcharge" percentage to Store Operations..

iDryclean Released - July 2020

ProfitMaker has been rebranded to iDryclean. Only major differene is that data was stored locally in ProfitMaker
and is now on the clould in iDryclean.