Top 10 ways iDryclean has made my job easier

1. Saves me time at Payroll.
iDryclean calculates my employee hours and adds them up for me automatically, including overtime.

2. Text customers when order is ready.
When orders are ready, I can send text messages to customers letting them know. My customers love it.

3. Reports make it easy to see how I'm doing at a glance.
Customer, orders, employees, and sales are all tracked for fast viewing.

4. Customer history lets me make fast, imformed decisions.
I see customer history fast and easy. Reprint tickets, solve problems, and make smarter management decisions.

5. Production management is much easier.
Nothing shuts down production like unreachable customers. I can text them individually with questions.

6. Customer charge accounts are easy to manage.
Press a button and bill all my customer accounts automatically on their credit card on file.

7. Customer quick tickets make drop off fast.
Sometimes it just faster to get customers name/phone and let them fly. I just print a quick ticket for them.

8. Tracking credits.
iDryclean makes it easy for me to give a customer a credit, track it, and apply it next time they come in.

9. Send monthly billing statements.
3rd party and hotel billing can be hard and time consuming to manage. It's easy in iDryclean.

10. And, of course, ALL THE REST.
Order entry, pickups, customer tracking, all the standard stuff you would expect from a great program.




We switched from SPOT to ProfitMaker (now iDryclean) in 2010 and are extremely happy.
Not only have we saved lots of money, their service is top notch and affordable.

We've been with ProfitMaker (now iDryclean) since 2006 in all 4 stores.
They have really taken good care of us all these years.

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