Tired of high monthly computer fees?
Keep more of your money by using iDryclean Smart Registers

iDryclean Smart Register
How can we save you money?
  • Low monthly software register usage fees!
  • That fee you pay each month to use your register is back in your pocket.
How do we do it?
We make a small commmision off your credit card sales to help us stay in business.
I know, I know. Another company wanting your credit card business.

But, this is different. We want to do something for you in return.
You're already paying the commission to someone else with no benefit to you.
So why not join our network of cleaners and get a benefit from that monthly merchant fee you already pay.

How do I switch to iDryclean?
  • It's easy. Fill out the no obligation form below and we will get you a free rate quote.
  • Remember! You're already paying the commission to someone else, this isn't a new cost to you.
  • Your current provider is double dipping on you. Put a stop to that and save money now!
We guarantee you will save money each month!
  • We have such a large merchant group we get significant savings on credit card processing passed on to you.
  • With an iDryclean register connected to your merchant terminal, you are being socially and medically safer.
  • NO CONTRACT REQUIRED! We save you money or you dump us. That's how it should be.

Load iDryclean Smart Register on your computer now.
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The bottom line is this.

If you take credit cards at your store you are paying someone a commission on your sales. It's that damn charge you see on your merchant statement each month that seems to be of no benefit to you at all. Well, that's about to stop. Share that commission you are already paying to someone else with us and we will let you use iDryclean Smart Register software for free each month.

We guarantee you will save money

We are so confident that using iDryclean Smart Registers in your store with built-in merchant processing will save you money we will send you a free gift just for the no obligation inquiry.

It just makes it easier for you, and safer for you and your customers.

Uses YOUR bank. You don't have to switch banks.

<< Watch it in action.

Contact me. I want my register and terminal to talk.

Credit card myths explained

It's more expensive?

Absolutely Not! It won't cost you more and you get added benefits and ease of use to boot. It's a no brainer.

I have to change banks?

Nope. I'ts your money, it goes to YOUR bank. Easy.

You're making money off me?

Wrong. The benefit to us is that the more users like you that use this service, the more power we have over the merchant provider to make them control your costs. And, maybe you'll tell your drycleaner buddy to use iDryclean Smart Registers.

It's harder to use than my existing terminal?

No. It's actually easier, lots easier. When your credit card terminal talks to the register, you won't have to type in the amount. That avoids lots of errors keying in amounts. Example: you type in $5.55 at the terminal for a $55.55 amount due. You just lost $50. We help you avoid those errors and issues.